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  行业/目次:区域性 讲话代码(3个字母)

  1. The Czechs (Czech: ?e?i, pronounced [?t]; singular masculine: ?ech, singular feminine: ?e?ka [?t?ka]) or the Czech people (?esky národ), are a West Slavic ethnic group and a nation native to the Czech Republic in Central Europe, who share a common ancestry, culture, history and are native speakers of the Czech language.

  2. Four unique so-called Olympic Parks opened across the Czech Republic in celebration of the 2016 Olympic Games.

  3. the official travel site - Whether you want to spend your holiday actively in the countryside, purely relaxing in a spa, or you want to take in some culture and go somewhere to learn more, the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe has so much to offer!

  4. Define Czech: a native or inhabitant of western Czechoslovakia (Bohemia or Moravia) or the Czech Republic — Czech in a sentence

  5. Explore Czech Republic holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Since the fall of communism in 1989, the Czech Republic – and its capital in particular – has evolved into one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations.

  6. Czech Republic: Czech Republic, country located in central Europe. It comprises the historical provinces of Bohemia and Moravia along with the southern tip of Silesia, collectively often called the Czech Lands.

  7. The conditions for the application of commercial Radelkis OR-I-7111-D (Hungary) and Crytur 53-17 (Czech Republic) iodide-selective electrodes to the determination of mercury were found.

  8. Bleaching agents in 39 samples of paper manufactured in Russia, Finland, Sweden, France, the Czech Republic, and Austria were determined and characterized.

  9. Pinsker at the Summer Seminar on Information Theory and Statistical Methods of Automatic Control, Prague, May 25-June 4, 1965, was published in Kybernetika journal of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1966, vol.

  10. International Conference on Organic Electrochemistry, June 1999, Czech Republic

  11. This collection contains 25% of the accessions of the entire winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) collection from the Czech Genebank and represents 70-76% of the within-cluster persity.

  12. In my opinion that would be Czech Republic, so we want to go to Prague early.

  13. The Czech Republic and Slovakia (which has not signed it) later did the same.

  14. Jersey now has a tax information exchange agreement with South Africa and the Czech Republic.

  15. It made them public on Thursday at the request of the Czech government , it said.

  16. Prisoners have to request castration under Czech law, but many fear they will be jailed for life if they do not, the investigation found.

  17. Now he was the president of the Czech Republic, eager to build a successful market economy and to claim the security of NATO membership.

  捷克 [中文]

  checo [Espa?ol]

  チェコ語 [日本語]

  Tschechisch [Deutsch]

  Чешский [Pусский]

  tchèque [Fran?ais]

  CES - Cost Element Structure【本钱因素构造】 [ 政府 军事,部队 ]

  CES - Consumer Electronics Show 【消费电子展】 [ 社区和集体 信息媒体 ]

  CES - Circuit Emulation Service【电途仿真供职】 [ 揣测机,电脑 电信 ]

  CES - Comprehensive Evaluation System【归纳评估体系】 [ 社区和集体 训导干系 ]

  CES - Comités de Estudiantes Socialistas【社会主义学生委员会】 [ 邦际 西班牙 ]

  CES - Confederación Europea de Sindicatos【欧洲工集结伙会】 [ 邦际 西班牙 ]

  CES - Consejo Económico y Social【经济和社会理事会】 [ 邦际 西班牙 ]

  CES - Church Educational System【教会训导体系】 [ 社区和集体 宗教 ]

  CES - Consumer Electronics Show【消费电子展】 [ 学术和科学 电子产物 ]

  CES - Cranial Electrical Stimulation【头颅电刺激】 [ 医学干系 心理 ]

  CES - Computer Entertainment Systems【揣测机文娱体系】 [ 社区和集体 信息媒体 ]

  CES - Complete Equipment Schedule【告终摆设期间外】 [ 政府 美邦NASA ]

  CES - Christian Educational Services【基督教训导供职】 [ 贸易 公司和企业 ]

  CES - Coalition of Essential Schools【根基学校定约】 [ 社区和集体 Non-Profit Organizations ]

  CES - C for Embedded Systems【C for Embedded Systems】 [ 揣测机,电脑 软件 ]

  CES - Cirrus Extra Surround【Cirrus Extra Surround】 [ 揣测机,电脑 硬件 ]

  CES - Clayton 缩写/缩略词 CES 代表什么意思? 【行业/栏目:语言代码(3个字母)】 Endowed Scholarship, University of Michigan【克莱顿给予奖学金,密歇根大学】 [ 学术和科学 归纳性高校 ]

  CES - Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies【创业磋商中央】 [ 学术和科学 归纳性高校 ]

  CES - Communication Encryption System【通讯加密体系】 [ 揣测机,电脑 收集平安 ]

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