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  Analysis Of Alternatives


  行业/目次:贸易 常例分类

  1. An Analysis Of Alternatives (AoA) is an analytical comparison of the operational effectiveness, cost, and risks of proposed materiel solutions to gaps and shortfalls in operational capability.

  2. Analysis Of Alternatives A. Purpose An Analysis Of Alternatives (AoA) / Alternatives Analysis (AA) provides a systematic analytic and decision making process to identify and document the optimal method of

  3. Decisions Based on Analysis Of Alternatives (AoA) Dr. David 缩写/缩略词 AOA 代表什么意思? 【行业/栏目:常规分类】 G. Ullman. 1, January 2009 . Analysis Of Alternatives (AoA) is a term that has been adopted by the Office of

  4. Oct 25, 2012 · 3 The Value of Alternative Analysis 3 What Do We Mean By Alternative Analysis? (AKA Analysis Of Alternatives or AoA) HHSIRM-2003-0002, HHS Policy for Conducting Information Technology Alternatives

  5. Minimizing the social cost of drug abuse: An economic Analysis of Alternatives for policy

  6. Sequential Analysis of Alternatives in dynamic system design

  7. We consider two schemes of successive Analysis of Alternatives in an environment with fuzzy information.

  8. Method of successive Analysis of Alternatives for choice in a fuzzy environment

  9. Finding the largest internally stable sets of a graph by successive Analysis of Alternatives

  10. "Until that debate or Analysis Of Alternatives happens, the path for many of our countries will continue to be one of sadness, " he said.

  11. The Navy says it released a fresh "Request for Information for the Presidential Helicopter Replacement Options" in February 2010 and is now in the "Analysis Of Alternatives, " or AoA, phase before formal bidding opens.

  12. " All that will be decided when the services take whatever concepts come up in their Analysis Of Alternatives and basically decide what becomes a program , " he added.

  理解取代品 [中文]

  Análisis de alternativas [Espa?ol]

  代庖案の理解 [日本語]

  Analyse von Alternativen [Deutsch]

  Анализ альтернатив [Pусский]

  Analyse des alternatives [Fran?ais]

  AOA - Amphibious Objective Area【两栖标的区域】 [ 政府 军事,部队 ]

  AOA - Abbreviated Operational Assessment【简称运营评估】 [ 政府 军事,部队 ]

  AOA - Abort-Once-Around【中止,一朝万能】 [ 政府 美邦NASA ]

  AOA - Administration On Aging【老化约束】 [ 政府 美邦政府 ]

  AOA - Air Operations Area【空中功课区】 [ 政府 运输 ]

  AOA - Age Of Apocalypse【开导的年齿】 [ 体育运动 ]

  AOA - Any One Accident【任何沿途变乱】 [ 政府 运输 ]

  AOA - Add- On Armor【附加装甲】 [ 政府 军事,部队 ]

  AOA - Absolutely Outrageous Acronym【绝对无耻的首字母缩略词】 [ 其他 搞乐/乐趣 ]

  AOA - ASCA Online Arxiv【ASCA正在线Arxiv】 [ 学术和科学 天文学 ]

  AOA - All Of the Above【上述一齐的】 [ 盘算机,电脑 短信,文字编辑 ]

  AOA - Angle Of Attack【攻击角度】 [ 政府 运输 ]

  AOA - Alaska Optometric Association【阿拉斯加视光衡量协会】 [ 社区和大众 Non-Profit Organizations ]

  AOA - American Ostrich Association【美邦鸵鸟协会】 [ 贸易 专业机构 ]

  AOA - American Osteopathic Association【美邦骨科协会】 [ 贸易 专业机构 ]

  AOA - Alive On Arrival【活抵达】 [ 医学合联 心理 ]

  AOA - Alberta Orienteering Association【阿尔伯塔野外定向协会】 [ 体育运动 ]

  AOA - Alliance of Overclocking Arts【超频艺术同盟】 [ 盘算机,电脑 硬件 ]

  AOA - Attack On Acquisition【攻击获取】 [ 政府 军事,部队 ]

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