1. 气温高的条目下,影响七星瓢虫和猎物的行径才力,捕食率普及。

  High temperature conditions, the impact of Coccinella septempunctata and the activity of prey, predation rates.

  2. 然后把树叶和七星瓢虫,睡觉到 V 字的符合地点。

  After selecting the leaf and all the elements on it, place them over your text.

  3. 本文操纵灰色体系外面,剖判商酌了棉田插种油菜,油菜的蚜虫招引滋生七星瓢虫,用瓢虫局限棉蚜以袒护棉花免受蚜害的灰色体系局限题目。

  A systems control of insect pests is studied with the grey system theory.

  4. 小蜜蜂和七星瓢虫至极可爱。

  Bee and ladybird, very lovely.

  5. 毒性 七星瓢虫对人、畜和天敌动物无毒无害,无残留,不污染处境。

  Coccinella septempunctata toxicity to human, animal and natural animal-friendly non-toxic, non-residual, non-pollution of the environment.

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  6. 设施]以苹果出产中常用的8种杀虫剂为原料,采用直接效用和间接效用两种打算设施,商酌了杀虫剂对七星瓢虫的鸩杀效用。

  Toxic effect of insecticides on Coccinella septempunctata was studied by two design methods of direct and indirect effect with 8 usual insecticides in apple production as materials.

  7. 七星瓢虫的道理

  7. 其余,从众次施用过重组病毒的棉花田中搜罗了120只龟纹瓢虫和七星瓢虫,应用强健蚜虫喂养34d,用碱解液惩罚瓢虫体外后,从惩罚液中可能检测到病毒DNA;但瓢虫体外经碱解液和Dnase惩罚后,从瓢虫体内提取的基因组DNA,用PCR和雀斑杂交的设施,都没有检测到AaIT的序列存正在。

  After rearing on healthy aphids (Rhopalosiphum pseudobrassicae Davis) for 3-4 days, DNA samples were extracted from the surface of ladybeetle bodies treated or untreated with alkaline solution and Dnase. PCR products specific for HaSNPV-AaIT were found in several samples from the untreated ladybeetle bodies, whereas no such products were found from the bodies after the alkaline and Dnase-treatment by both PCR and dot blot hybridization.

  8. 通过对美邦白蛾各个发育期的天敌举行考核与商酌,展现除了捕食性天敌七星瓢虫、大刀螳螂等外,小虫期有2种寄素性天敌、蛹期有12种寄素性天敌,这为袒护和应用天敌、有用局限美邦白蛾供给了依照。

  Studies on Utilizing Parasitoid Chouioia cunea Yang (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) for Sustainable Control of Fall Webworm; 2. In recent years, fall webworm that belongs to international Quarantine Pest appears widely in China, it did great harm to forest trees and brought the inconvenience for people s lifes.

  9. 从害虫种群与天敌种群之间的重叠值看,异色瓢虫和七星瓢虫对棉铃虫的局限效用较强,而麦蚜茧蜂和龟纹瓢虫则对麦田要紧害虫麦长管蚜、条斑叶蝉和小麦潜叶蝇等的追随和局限效用均较强。

  Based on overlaps between the pest and natural enemy populations, L. axyridis and C. septempunctata have a strong control effect on H. armigera. E. plagiator and P. japonica have a stronger control effect on main pests such as M. avenae, P. striatus and Phytomyza nigra in winter wheat fields.

  10. 与对比药剂久效磷比拟:①抗蚜威、伏杀磷惩罚七星瓢虫卵120小时的相对毒力指数永别为0.0483和0.3187;

  With the monocrotophos used as a reference, the indices of relative toxicity of pirimicarb and phosalone treated eggs at 120 h were 0.0483 and 0.3187, respectively;

  11. 要紧捕食性天敌七星瓢虫、异色瓢虫成虫产生岑岭期永别正在8月中上旬和8月下旬,均匀每株虫量七星瓢虫0.82头、异色瓢虫1.3头。

  The maximum occurrence of the adult of C. septempunctata and H. axyridis was in the early mid-August and the late August, with an average density of0.82 and1.3 per plant, respectively.

  12. 这种外象声明七星瓢虫具有上山越夏和笔直迁飞手脚。

  This phenomenon indicates that Coccinella septempunctata survives the summer in upper mountain area and can migrate vertically.

  13. 七星瓢虫和异色瓢虫四变种成虫对茶蚜蜜露的探寻手脚和蜜露的组分剖判

  Searching behaviour of Coccinella septempunctata and four varieties of Leis axyridis adults on tea aphid honeydew and analysis of honeydew component

  14. 室内商酌了5个温度条目(15、20、25、30和35±0.5℃)下,七星瓢虫(Cocinelaseptempunctata)5个捕食虫态对棉蚜(Aphisgosypi)3个别积组的效用反映。

  The functional response of five predator stages of Coccinella septempunctata towards three prey size groups of Aphis gossypii was determined at five temperatures (15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 ± 0.5 ℃), in the laboratory.

  15. 局限温度以调度越冬后七星瓢虫的产卵期

  Timing oviposition period of the overwintered Coccinella septempunctata through temperature control

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  16. 北方平原七星瓢虫上山越夏手脚的研究

  Study on summer surviving behaviour of Coccinella septempunctata in North China Plain

  17. 七星瓢虫卵黄原卵白基因的外达mRNA的体外转译

  Expression of vitellogenin gene in Coccinella septempunctata: in vitro translation of mRNA

  18. 你的家失火了,七星瓢虫妈妈!速点飞回家到你孩子身边去!

  Your house is on fire, Mother Ladybird! Fly away home to your children!

  19. 七星瓢虫的道理

  19. 七星瓢虫是红玄色的。

  The ladybird is red and black.

  20. 显示菜上七星瓢虫空间格式及抽样本领商酌昨晚风向骤然七星瓢虫是什么意思 七星瓢虫在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音变了,随之而来的是一场瓢泼大雨。

  Spatial Pattern of Ladybird Beetle on Chinese Cabbage and Its Sampling Techniques. The wind changed round suddenly last night and brought with it a heavy downpour.