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  Radial Collateral Ligament



  1. The Radial Collateral Ligament (RCL), lateral collateral ligament (LCL), or external lateral ligament is a ligament in the elbow on the side of the radius

  2. Attachments The Radial Collateral Ligament of the wrist joint (external lateral ligament, radial carpal collateral ligament) extends from the tip of the styloid process of the radius and attaches to the radial side of the scaphoid bone, immediately adjace

  3. The lateral epicondyle of the humerus is a small, tuberculated eminence, curved a little forward, and giving attachment to the Radial Collateral Ligament of the elbow joint, and to a tendon common to the origin of the supinator and some of the extensor muscles.

  4. This patient had chronic pain and instability from an old Radial Collateral Ligament rupture followed by both metacarpophalangeal and sesamoid metacarpal arthritis

  桡侧副韧带 [中文]

  Ligamento colateral radial [Espa?ol]

  放射状側副靭帯 [日本語]

  Radiales kollaterales Ligament [Deutsch]

  Радиальная коллатеральная связка [Pусский]

  Ligament collatéral radial [Fran?ais]

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